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REEF MAILLOT (all colours)

REEF MAILLOT (all colours)

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New to our Conscious Crinkle collection, The REEF Maillot, strapless and easy to wear, the Reef has a cut out, drawstring feature on one side. This full piece is a staple and can be used as a piece under a skirt or shorts. The drawstring colour contrasts and compliments the main maillot colour.

Please note the fabric colour/tie colour combinations: Violet Fabric/Lime Ties; Lime Fabric/Violet Ties; Tangerine Fabric/Sky Ties; Sky Fabric/Tangerine Ties; Azure Fabric/Blossom Ties; Blossom Fabric/Azure Ties

This maillot can be made more/less modest if preferred. Please email with order number to create your custom maillot.

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